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Choosing to invest with a wedding stationery designer can be a big decision, the below will help you understand the journey we will take together and the costs involved.

Multicultural Wedding Crest




The best place to get in touch is via my enquiry form.

We book in an initial 30 minute no-obligation zoom call to discuss your wedding day.



Your proposal is created on a confidential client portal with a breakdown of the items you want to work on, the project timeline, invoicing schedule and general design notes from our chat.



The fun begins! The creative research & sketching commences.

There's a little bit of admin at this stage, a wedding spreadsheet template wings its way to you to start filling in.



Your initial concepts are sent over for review in PDF format.

We will work in three stages - Save the dates, Invitations & On the Day. Each stage has a concept, development, sign off, print & delivery process.



Amends and final tweaks are made to the designs, samples & proofs sourced and created if required. 



Once the design is finalised I set up the artwork files, input individual details, names, addresses etc... and you are sent final sign-off files. Again this happens through the client portal and you can download them and 'sign them off' within this area.



Some stationery is printed in-house, but the majority is created with a professional printers especially if there are specialist processes involved like letterpress, foiling, duplexing.



Once your stationery is printed it all comes back to me here in Oxfordshire, I personally check, sort, hand finish, tie ribbons, pour wax seals and stick stickers.



At each stage your stationery is sent fully tracked with APC overnight. You may also collect in person if logistics allow, or on some occassions we can arrange hand delivery.

To see a more in depth process journey head over to my blog post "The creative process of a wedding stationer"

Design Process
Freya Deabill Deabill and Quince DQ 122.jpg

- When to post your stationery

Save the dates
Send 12-18 months in advance of your wedding date.



With save the date: 6-8 months in advance of your wedding date.

Without save the date: 10-12 months in advance of your wedding date.

On the day stationery

My design process kicks off 10 weeks before your wedding date.

At each stage:

Please get in touch as soon as you secure your wedding date and venue. The longer we have to work together the more relaxed the journey. This also reduces the possibility I may already be fully booked on your date.

The creative process at each stage takes between 4-6 weeks.

Allow 2 weeks from sign-off to delivery to allow for print and finishing.


When first dedicating budget to your wedding stationery it is generally recommended to allocate 10-15% of your overall wedding budget.

How much does bespoke wedding stationery cost


ALL my projects are based on a 3 part costing.

1. Design Fee
Covers the (on average) 100 hours I spend on your wedding from enquiry to completion. My creativity, experience and skills, design concepts, presentations, revisions, art working and management of your print files and any finishing details.


2. Print & Materials

This covers the physical cost of your stationery, paper, print, wax seals, additional detailing such as letterpress, tassels, foiling etc.. It is dependant on budget / quantity / and final design specification.

3. Shipping

Covers packaging and delivery.
I use a fully tracked, APC overnight for all deliveries.

See below for the different tiers of package available and approximate costs.

How much does bespoke wedding stationery cost

Fully Bespoke Costing

My highest calibre design service. You will get a completely personal and bespoke wedding suite with truly original designs. Investing in this journey means the final result will deliver the highest experience to your guests and create a keepsake worthy of handing down the generations.

Save the dates, Invitations and On the Day stationery.

1. Design Fee
Approx £2000-3000


2. Print & Materials

Approx £4000-5000

3. Shipping

Approx £100 - save the date, invites and on the day

Average Investment

Approx £6000-8000

Deabill and Quince Bespoke Wedding Stationery

PATINA (House Collections)
- Costing

Build your own unique layers of stationery using my Patina Wedding Collection. Start with choosing or commissioning a bespoke sumptuous pattern and pair it with a range of formats and additional finishes. The end result will not only be incredibly personal but beautiful as well.

Save the dates, Invitations and On the Day stationery.

1. Design Fee
Approx £800-£1000


2. Print & Materials

Approx £1000-3000

3. Shipping

Approx £100 - save the date, invites and on the day

Average Investment (depending on choices)

Approx £2000-4000



WHEN SHOULD I SEND MY WEDDING STATIONERY? Save the dates - 18months - 1 year in advance of your wedding date. Invitations - 6-8 months in advance (if you have sent a save the date) 8-10months if you have not. On the day - allow for work to commence between 8-10 weeks before your wedding date.

HOW LONG DOES THE PROCESS TAKE? The creative design process is very flexible. But I like to leave at least 2 working weeks for print, finishing and delivery at each stage, 4 weeks for design. The earliest you get in touch the more relaxed the process and the more creative we can be.

IS THERE A MINIMUM ORDER? No - I have created stationery for weddings with 12 guests and over 200 guests. You simply pay for what you need.

WE HAVE A BUDGET, CAN YOU STILL WORK WITH US? Of course! But remember my design fee's are fixed and won't be less than the above average spends. I can however work with a budget for print / materials within reason.

WE ARE NOT IN THE UK, CAN WE STILL WORK WITH YOU? Of course! I work internationally whether you or your guest list are in the UK or not. Shipping costs may vary and you will need to allow for longer shipping time.

DO YOU CREATE STATIONERY FOR CORPORATE EVENTS? Yes, I am more than happy to discuss any non-wedding events you require stationery for. Just send me a direct email

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