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Photographers: Peach & Jo

Venue: Northbrook Park
Caterers: Pieminister
Dress: Hermia Jenny Packham
Groom's Jacket: Dobell, Red Velvet
Florist: Carl at Castle Street Flowers Farnham
Hair: Ruby Mane, Farnham
Nails: Mooeys, Farnham
Makeup: Estee Lauder (Bride's own)
Shoes: Kate Spade NY
Cake's: Made by a friend of the Bride and Groom
Playing Cards: Designed by Br&newweddings, sourced from Zazzle

The Details

Rather a special one this, being for none other than our very own designer Freya and her now husband, Steve. The date being bonfire night meant that there was a fantastic starting point for their style; glitz, glamour and sparkle... and the letterpress save the date with mini sparklers and bespoke 'remember remember' poem set the scene perfectly.

The overall concept came to life using an illustration style based on the group of Austrian Artists 'Hagunbund' which they had fallen in love with whilst on holiday in Vienna a few years previously, incorporating ferns, orchids and chillies in the most gorgeous organic pattern bringing in their love (and reputation) for growing chillies into the stationery.

Gold foiling and unique icons and illustrations were incorporated effortlessly into the suite, none better than with the menu insert which depicted mini illustrations of each Pie & Pud option guests could choose from.

A fold out origami information booklet tied with ribbon was one of the highlights of the invitation and all parts were finished off in a beautiful semi-transparent wrapper and set into bespoke foiled boxes.

Renowned for their love of a game or competition Freya & Steve's day was full of fun and laughter. Their ceremony was fantastic, with each guest receiving a party horn or blower to make as much noise as possible whilst their master of ceremonies barked orders through a personalised megaphone! The order of service included individual caricatures of the bridal party so guests could say hello during reception drinks and a unique 'hammer a nail in the log' game reminiscent of fairground games kept guests busy between the ceremony and evening festivities.

Bespoke and personalised playing cards on the dinner tables along with a childhood favourite game kept guests busy and broke the ice whilst stunning paper leaf table centres, fairy lit Maple Tree’s and macramé hanging baskets made by the Mother of the Bride finished the venue's decor perfectly.

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