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Do you need a wedding map?

Although not a necessity wedding maps can serve in many ways, from helping with directions to your venue, to showing guests where specific events are on the day itself and helping them with the local area. And although in modern times with such excellent access to digital maps and gps on your devices, an illustrated or printed wedding map within your invitations can be a beautiful and useful addition to your stationery suite.

Do I need a wedding map soho farmhouse


Wedding venues are often located in remote or hidden places, especially if you have opted for a private estate venue. These are often located at the end of a long drive with minimal signage. Helping your guests understand where the venue is can help them not only get there on time and stress free, but can also help them in the rsvp stage by finding accommodation and things to do near by if they are making a mini break out of it.

Do I need a wedding map Milton House

Do I need a wedding map ardington house

If your ceremony is in a different location to your wedding venue showing guests the easiest route between the two can help them decide which mode of transport to take. While you may put on transport between the venues some guests might opt for a taxi or choose to drive themselves for more flexibility and comfort.

Do I need a wedding map north mymms


Helping guests understand the layout of your wedding venue can be key to the smooth running of your wedding day. Minimising questions guests might ask of you, your coordinator or your wedding staff will make everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed, leaving those responsible for the logistics of your day to concentrate on their tasks. Showing clearly where parking is, toilets, access to the ceremony areas and where drinks receptions will take place can just allow the day to run efficiently and smoothly.

Do I need a wedding map Hedsor House

Do I need a wedding map Brympton House


If different parts of your wedding day are taking place in various areas of your venue a wedding map showing the timeline and key event areas can be a great way to keep the day running smoothly. Rather than this being within their stationery suite Ashley & James opted for a pocket sized postcard. Given out to guests upon arrival it gave them a breakdown of the key timings and events with a little map of their private estate on the reverse.

Jemima and Tom decided to display their beautiful wedding map on an easel at their venue and their wedding planner moved it around during the day so guests always knew where they were and where.

Do we need a wedding map and timeline

Do we need a wedding map and timeline

In my opinion a wedding map can add so much to a stationery suite and to your wedding day logistics, and with 10 years experience in drawing maps for the public realm (The City of Bath, Dublin, London Boroughs, Woolwich and various shopping centres) there is nothing more I love to create. Please do get in touch to see how I can help bring your stationery to life with a beautiful bespoke illustrated wedding map.

Do I need a wedding map Elmore Court



" The views and statements written in this blog are my own and mine alone. They are based on my 10 years experience in the wedding industry working on hundreds of weddings with a huge range of wedding budgets, from 12 guests to over 200. The comments will not be relevant to every wedding ever planned. If you require specific costs or have any questions regarding your own wedding stationery please either get in touch using my contact form"

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