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How to plan a wedding 'differently' in 2021

If you've been following me for a while, then you know that Deabill & Quince are all about setting trends, not following trends, and after a year where we have been forced to reimagine literally every aspect of 'the wedding' as we know it, I am super inspired by some new and future wedding trends that I truly hope will be here to stay in 2021 and beyond. Hopefully my little round up will help you look at ways to plan your 2021 and post Covid wedding a bit differently.. and for the better.

So here you go, Deabill & Quince's fabulous future of post-covid weddings... as ever our ethos is - be unique, do it your way and break the mould. Your day should reflect you as a couple and hopefully the pause we've all taken will allow us to truly embrace a day that encompasses our own story and personalities.


I know this is tricky with the UK weather, but there are ways to beat it. Pop up pods, huge brollies, glass marquees. Usually more popular in the spring and summer, outdoor weddings are going to be essential throughout 2021+. Its proven that the c-word is less transmittable with fresh air so the more you can be outside the better, and the more you can keep guests at a safe distance will become a necessary theme. Think outside the box, set up an outdoor wedding cinema instead of a dance floor, hire something like a bucking bronco or carousel that can easily be wiped down between uses, put on an outdoor theatre production, hire wandering acrobats & magicians.. all these things can easily be incorporated safely and will truly entertain your guests.. think 'putting on a show' rather than boozy conga's.


Wedding buffets and grazing stations will have to take a back seat next year in place of individual plates or smaller sharing hampers. Being outdoors and keeping guests at a safe distance will prevail for at least the first half of the year so why not embrace this by setting up blankets or individual beautifully styled low tables with incredible picnic hampers per couple or bubble of guests... have waiter service for drinks, put games on each table to keep guests entertained. You could even set this style up in a clear marquee, or a larger venue styled accordingly. Think Henley Regatta picnics, why not find a venue with an incredible backdrop, alongside a river or near a beach to make it truly magical.


Rather than despair in the lost possibilities of super slinky trestle tables with rows of guests all shoulder to shoulder, imagine instead an exclusive cabaret speakeasy; small individual tables per couple or 'bubble', glamorous attire, waiter service, delicious cocktails, fabulous entertainment, comfy seats... you can slink around each table, spending time with all your guests but they are kept socially distant from each other - perfect!

Chose a venue who's atmosphere works for your style and treat your guests to a day of glamorous entertainment. I'm not thinking cruise style, but then again, maybe I am thinking Titanic cruise glamour. Get a magician, an incredible singer, a circus act... really put on a show! Make it last all evening. You can make key parts of your wedding highlights throughout the evening, cutting the cake, speeches, first dance, readings that would normally be in the ceremony, you could have an open mic half an hour for guests to tell stories or practice their stand up act. Why not have a fabulous menu they can order from whenever they want. Jeez, I want to get married all over again! Think BAFTAS, think OSCARS... think incredible.


2020 more than anything has taught us the importance of unity, family and friends and I think this will be reflected throughout future weddings. The importance of the bond between the couple, the joining of families and the support of friendship will be a beautiful focus.

Lighting candles for elderly relatives who cannot join you, writing personal messages to guests thanking them for their endless support, telling your own personal love story, highlighting the support you will all give each other... these are all trends I think we will see growing in importance.

Much like traditional weddings of old more focus will be put on the ceremony and making this personal than a raucous evening piss up, and maybe its about time this happened. This is the whole REASON you are there, to get married and unite with your partner in crime and maybe we needed this break to remember that this is what is truly important.

I wish I'd known more about the wonderful work of alternative celebrants and humanist weddings when I was getting married, and although they aren't currently (at the time of writing this) classified as legal ceremonies in England PLEASE don't let that put you off.. do your research and even call one up to chat about the possibilities... you can register your marriage before the event (much like a birth) and then its a whole new ball game. The level of personalisation, celebration and individuality is endless... and a firm favourite of ours is the incredible Nat Rayboulds... so do get in touch! Even if its just to chat about what its all about. If I was to get married again I would DEFINITELY consider this direction.


For this you really need to think wider picture; find a venue that you can book for a weekend. Divide your guests into groups of 30 or whatever gov guidance allows. Why not have an intimate Friday night with family, celebrate your marriage and unity and have a sit down seriously incredible meal. Then have Saturday picnic lunch and afternoon lawn games for families with children before cocktails and a food truck. Then plan a fun filled evening of entertainment for friends in the evening where you can kick off the heels and really relax. Then you can recover with a Sunday lunch for elderly relatives or those you wish to have wonderful long conversations with. Then you get to spend selected time with each group of people in an ambiance that suits them. Plus you get to chose at least 3 outfits!!! WINNING!


So, ultimately what I am saying is 'think outside the box' when planning a wedding for 2021 and beyond. It can still include all those traditional elements we love so much but its 'shape' doesn't need to fit the mould. In the months and years to come we will be setting new trends, making a new path forwards, focussing on the things we have learnt from a year of uncertainty and embracing different aspects of the day.

If you would like to discuss how I can set the scene for your incredible day and really get your guests excited then please do get in touch, I would love to hear all about your story and help tell it to all your guests. You can also read about how I can do this over on my blog post 'The Art of Storytelling'.

Reflection & Tradition Image Credits to: Nat Rayboulds - Humanist Wedding Celebrant

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Over and out lovely people... see you next time.

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