The Art of Storytelling

"Retention of the past, attention to the present and anticipation of the future."

Some of your guests may know you both well, some may know your deepest secrets, some may know only one of you, they may be partners of friends you've only met once, or work colleagues that are unaware of your secret passion for chess, or they could be distant relatives that you've never met and are unlikely to see again... whoever they are and however you know them they will have been invited to share your day, to celebrate your story, your journey together and send you off into the great expanse of the future for a reason... and this is your opportunity to educate them with your personal love story, show them your unity of passions and interests whether they are mutual or happily contradictory and tell them why you are simply perfect for each other.

I { Freya Deabill - founder and designer at Deabill & Quince } have been delivering incredible narrative designs for creative briefs for over 20 years and am an expert in extracting the smallest nugget of gold from your deepest thoughts and masterminding it into a beautiful visual creation which tells the complex story of you.

Now, I am not a mindreader, I try and explain this to my husband frequently, but I am nosy and love listening, and after two decades of creative observation have compiled the most comprehensive set of leading questions which allow me to delve into the real 'you', recognising the obviously visible to discovering the sometimes hidden, deeper emotions which make you - as a couple - stronger than ever. The bond that runs through you both, through heritage, style or simply your love for a colour taken from your first walk together. All of these nuggets can be taken and conveyed through design, illustration or language within your stationery. Sometimes its almost as if I am creating a piece of art which encapsulates the connection between you and often couples or guests ask me to create one off pieces in the style of their stationery which can be framed as a reminder of the bond between them and the joy of their wedding day.