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The cost of bespoke wedding stationery


I've written and re-written this post about a million times, each time with a different angle on how to word the post from full on rant to beige and completely pointless trying to find the right middle ground.

The subject of money is always tough and throw in the word 'wedding' and you can almost hear the silent groan from all involved; our couples trying to keep the costs down whilst trying to create the most incredible day of their lives, the suppliers trying to deliver the most extraordinary service whilst also making a living, the press often giving false or bias information based on minimal or targeted research and a million or other opinions...

Basically, breaking down what anything costs is based on hundreds of individual elements which are unique to each supplier, each wedding and each couples aspirations - and it would be ridiculous for me to try and cover all bases, so rather than giving you a breakdown of actual pounds and pennies straight away the info graphic below gives an inclusive percentage breakdown of each and every element which is involved in creating one of my fully bespoke wedding stationery suites from expertise and studio costs to print, materials & delivery costs.

I hope it helps you lovely readers understand the absolute nitty gritty involved in creating a magical wedding stationery experience for my couples and their guests and why the costs can be higher than an off-the-shelf stationery design.

The example used below is for a full bespoke wedding from initial consultation, design stage, save the dates, invitations and on the day stationery with all the bells and whistles included.


Want even more of an insight into my processes? Why not pop the kettle on and head over to Faye Cornhill's 'The Wedding Business Podcast' and listen to episode 46 where I chat to her all about 'charging your worth' which talks about the difference between having an expensive hobby and running two successful award winning businesses. Our conversation focusses on the first stage of the info graphic below, 'the design fee' and will give you even more of an overview of how these fee's are determined.

Please remember, this is based on my own experience in the past 10 years of working in the wedding industry creating high level luxury wedding stationery for my couples.




" The views and statements written in this blog and infographic are my own and mine alone. They are based on my 10 years experience in the wedding industry working on hundreds of weddings with a huge range of wedding budgets, from 12 guests to over 200. The statements around cost are based on my own experiences, clients and jobs and will not be relevant to every wedding ever planned. If you require specific costs for your wedding stationery please either get in touch using my contact form, or speak directly to your own stationery supplier who can then provide exact costs for your purpose."

Over and out lovely people... see you next time.

{ Thank you for reading to the end! Feel free to share, post, comment & like,

I would love to hear your feedback and any requests for future post contents }


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